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As part of the Key People Program, you will now participate in Fast Forward,, a career planning program with Self Guru, a digital platform for professional development.

You’ll have the opportunity to focus on becoming more aware of both your strengths and developmental needs as a professional, manager and leader. At all stages, it is important to reflect back on the learning so far and to evaluate what you need to do next as you develop in your career.

Self Guru will assist in career development with an expert, where you will experience:

  • Assessment – a behavioral profile assessment to assist in building your professional development plan using MBTI. (If you already have, the company have sent it to us. If you do not have it yet, we will send you the assessment link);
  • Discussion session with a specialist interpreting the results of your Assessment and discussing development actions with you;
  • 5 hours of consulting with a career expert, via videoconference, for your development on topics indicated by your company.

You are about to embark on a journey focused on planning your next professional steps within the organization connected with the future challenge of Key People and your self-assessment. When you clarify your goals, strengths, opportunities, you’ll be able to design the way to achieve your aspirations, considering your succession plan as well

We strongly believe that with a learning agility attitude this opportunity can help you a lot by promoting your development.

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