Welcome to Self Guru!

As part of the Key People Program, your team member will now participate in Fast Forward , a career planning program with Self Guru, a digital platform for professional development.

During this journey, your team member will focus on becoming more aware of both strengths and developmental needs as a professional, manager and leader. At all stages, it is important to reflect back on the learning so far and to evaluate what is needed to do next as your team member evolves in his/her career.

Self Guru will assist in career development with an expert, where your team member will experience:

  • Assessment – a behavioral profile assessment to assist in building a professional development plan using MBTI;
  • Discussion session with a specialist interpreting Assessment results and discussing development actions;
  • 5 hours of consulting with a career expert, through videoconference, for development on topics indicated by the company (manager and HR).

All sessions are held via videoconference.

Your input is an essential step of the program. Your team member will only get started after you share your expectations and perspective on your team member’s needs.


Thank you for your collaboration!